Hey, there are actual cat foods out there that are super high quality. Even though it's being considered the ideal, you don't have to feed raw to know you're feeding your pets well. I could easily list a few higher quality foods to feed them, but I'm not one to preach unless someone pisses me off about it, lol.

I thought the little fact I put for #13 was cute because it included something about the number 13, lol. Six has always been a lucky number because when we used to do those "pick-a-number" games in grade school to get prizes, every time I picked 6, I won. Thirteen is a favorite of mine because many people are superstitious about it and I've always been a rebel against superstition.

There may be nothing wrong with saying you're intelligent, but you know how some super-sensitive people are. They'll automatically think you're conceited because you paid yourself one compliment!

Steve is totally the Keiichi to my Belldandy. It's his fault that I love Ah! Megami-sama. One day, long ago, we were messing around in LJ and Steve was posting what anime characters reminded him of each of his friends. He said I reminded him of Belldandy and I've been in love with the anime, (and the manga!) ever since. (Random fact: we have a wall scroll in our bedroom of Belldandy and Keiichi surrounded by the ring he gives her.)

Yes. Autumn is the best. No contest.

(I personally think that lists like this are a good idea so that when you add a new person to your LJ, you can point them to the list so they know something about you and the people you talk about!)
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