See, Jess gave me a list of good dog foods for Pepper (that aren't raw), but we can only find *dog* foods rather than puppy foods... as for cat foods... Luna's so fricken picky. Seriously... he's the most picky animal I've ever seen, it's crazy. So trying to give him better foods just doesn't work. We do give him wet food at night (a third of a can) and dry during the day (with anti-hairball which works fabulously lol), and the vet said he's an extremely healthy cat (even though he could afford to lose a few pounds, though not too much), but yeah.

I use to have 6 and 13 as favourite numbers because of superstions and such and to be rebellious of sorts too lol... my favourite number is 4, though, and it's like your 6... always won the prizes at school and stuff like that if a number had to be picked. I also like the way it's written (I got it from Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon haha) and I like multiples of 4 as well.

Yeah, I know how the conceited bit goes... I feel self centered by just saying I'm intelligent... it's horrible!

Belldandy is fabulous! So freaking cute! I love her young sister though, but I always forget her name. Either way, she's fricken funny and beautifuls. I use to be obsessed with Ah! Megami Sama pictures because it's some of the best anime (art wise) ever, and their fashion is all cool and stuff (as opposed to some of the dorky outfits characters get put in).
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