thesuperherogirl: (Winry & Den)
2006-01-19 06:36 am

For The New-Bees To My El-Jay

Recently, I've friended quite a few new people to my LJ, so I think it's only fair that a make a basic post detailing little things so they know a bit better who I am.

25 And A Half Ways To Get To Know Me )
thesuperherogirl: (We Sparkle)
2000-12-08 06:28 pm

Kurt Halsey Collection

Note! I'm in the process of trying to taking pictures of all my KH inventory. As soon as all the pictures are resized and edited to better quality I'll be adding them to this entry. Just thought that people who come across this entry would like to know!

On To The Collection! )

If you have questions about anything in my inventory, or are interested in something I have available for sale or trade, feel free to send me an email.