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Birthdate:Mar 12
Location:Medford, Massachusetts, United States of America
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In Short: Thirty-six. Pisces. In love. Generally happy. Hanson Fan. Anime Enthusiast. Appreciative of Jacksepticeye. Body Image Activist. Soft. Passionate. Honest. True. Complicated. Oldest of 3. Owned by 3 living cats & 1 spirit cat. Loves horror movies. Music runs in my blood. Fascinated by nature. Enamoured with Autumn.

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1/31/2007, 10/9/2001, 3/12, accepting myself completely, agoraphobia w/ panic disorder, ah! my goddess, alphonse elric, amythests, and weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, animal rescue, animal welfare, anime, anti bsl, apples & apple-picking, artistic nudity, autumn, badgerbadgerbadger, baking, bay area, beauty, being in love, being in motion, being intelligent, being myself, berkeley, bleach, blooregard q. kazoo, body image activism, books, boston, bucky katt, california, cheese, cooking, creativity, curt wild, davis sq, death note, earth medicine, edward elric, el cerrito, ewan mcgregor, faeries, fallout boy, femininity, foster's home for imaginary friends, free speech, fullmetal alchemist, get fuzzy, gonads and strife, halloween, hanson, harry potter, i liiiike chocolate milk, imaginary friends, incubus, individuality, inspiration, interracial love, ireland, jacksepticeye, johnny depp, joyce carol oates, kissing, kurt cobain, kurt halsey, l, learning, life, manga, marriage, mooninites, music, my cat buddha, my cat damian (rip), my cat jezebel, my cat tiberius, my husband steve, mythology, nature, night, nin, nine inch nails, nirvana, oakland, omgbacon!!!, omgspoonbrain!!!, overcoming emetophobia, panic! at the disco, passion, paulo coehlo, paxil, peace, peppermint hot chocolate, photography, pirates, pisces, pizza, playing pokemon go, pleasure, poetry, pomegranates, positive body image, pow-wows, pretty shiny stuff, proper animal care, psychology, purple, rain storms, ravens, reading, reincarnation, rhcp, rick & morty, salem, samurai champloo, san fransisco, scifi, scorpio, severus snape, sexuality, seán william mcloughlin, singing, sleeping, somerville, sparkles, spaying and neutering, spiritualism, stones, sunrises & sunsets, tattoos, the moon and stars, the neverending story, the original movie dumbledore, therapy, thinking, travel, trent reznor, truth, useless information, velvet goldmine, video games, weird al, wings, winry rockbell, wolves, wondering, writing
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