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For The New-Bees To My El-Jay

Recently, I've friended quite a few new people to my LJ, so I think it's only fair that a make a basic post detailing little things so they know a bit better who I am.

25.5 Little Things About Me & My Life
1.) My name is Jennifer, but most people call me Gwen and, more recently, Jenn, and I prefer it that way.

2.) I'm 33yo. My birthday is March 12th, which makes me a Pisces.

3.) Although I am a Hanson fan, that is not solely how I prefer to be identified. I'm much more than that. Even if they are my favorite band, I do listen to more than just their music.

4.) I met my boyfriend fiancée husband, Steve, in an online chatroom. He lived in California, I live in Massachusetts. He's 33 and a Halloween baby, (yes, his birthday is October 31st), and this makes him a Scorpio. We've been together for just about 13 years, and we've been living together, (in Massachusetts), for almost 12.

5.) We're not finally engaged, and planning on getting got married on October 9, 2009, at a cute little rustic photography museum.

6.) Steve has a LiveJournal, but he never uses it anymore. He's more often found on Facebook or Twitter.

7.) I'm also happily owned by two four cats, 3 living cats and 1 spirit cat who I mention fairly often. Jezebel is an 12yo black and white lap-cat. She has completely claimed me as her human; [See Jezebel]. Buddha is 9yo, and he's a tabby mackerel part-bengal cat who lives to eat and climb in high places, (thus giving me a heart attack). He's totally claimed Steve as his human, and they're adorable together. [See Buddha]. In September 2009, we brought in two stray boy kittens who we intended to keep as fosters until we could adopt them out. Unfortunately, no one wanted to adopt the brothers together, so we decided to keep them. Damian and Tiberius were roughly 6 weeks when we took them in, and both turned 1yo on 8/1/2010 - sadly, the very next day, Damian became suddenly ill and we had to put him down unexpectedly and never had a real chance to celebrate his one and only birthday. Damian was a smoky gray cat with amber-green eyes and some of the softest fur I'd ever felt on a short hair cat. He had selected Steve as his human [See Damian]. We both miss him very much. Tiberius is now a handsome 4yo silver tabby with blue silver eyes, a white belly, white socks, and a silver tabby belt across his middle. He has decided that I am his human both my husband and I are equally his humans [See Tiberius].

8.) Jezebel and Buddha are adopted from a shelter. I'm a huge advocate from adopting from shelters because the animals you get there are already packaged with a personality. Plus the shelters do so much to try and give unwanted and abandoned animals a chance at a good life. Tiberius and Damian, as mentioned above, were stray kittens - they had almost literally just been weaned, (we had to teach them to eat solid food, but they were fast learners), and had been abandoned by their mother. We rescued them from the coming frost and also from the people in the church next door, where they were found, who like to feed rat poison to the feral cats who take up residence in the back.

9.) I have a short fuse when it comes to people who are stupid when it comes to caring for their pets. To elaborate:
-If your animal is sick, take it to vet instead of asking 'Dr. ElJay'
-Feed your pet appropriately. Don't even try to convince me that cats and dogs can be vegan because that's pure crap, just look at their teeth!
-Spay and neuter your animals. No, they do not want to 'experience the miracle of birth'. No, they do not want to be a mother. The animal population is bad enough as it is, you don't need to contribute to it.
-Stop assigning human qualities and thought processes to your pets. They don't think as abstractly as humans do.
If you're new to pet ownership, I'm not usually a hard-ass about these things because I, too was once ignorant to a fault, (Jez got crap food, [Science Diet], when we first got her).

10.) I've gone to school for medical assisting and I am trained in basic medical knowledge, as well as certified to perform CPR and EKGs. I'd like to go on to become either a Radiologist/Radiology Tech, a Vet Tech, or a DVM, with the possibility of furthering my education and pursuing a career as an EAMT.

11.) I'm currently employed as Lead Customer Service Coordinator at one of the many Banfield Pet Hospitals! My ultimate plan is to attend Mount Ida college and get a Bachelor's degree in Animal Sciences through their Veterinary Technician program, or to become a Veterinary Doctor specializing in radiology and ultrasound.

12.) My sleep schedule ,is all over the place, so you may see posts from me either on hear or Facebook at all hours of the day and night is finally steady after years of being all over the place.

13.) I love the color purple, and the numbers 6, 13, and 9.

14.) I'm fat morbidly obese. I don't apologize for it. Rather, I accept it, and I'm happy with who I am, but decided in 2012-2013 that I was ready to stop making excuses and take my health back into my own hands. This doesn't mean that I just say "Hey, I'm fat so I'm not going to do anything about it because that's just the way I am!"

15.) Despite tracking my food intake and eating at a caloric deficit, I still support the idea of healthful eating and exercising to feel good. I don't support dieting or exercising to the point of pain. The concepts of "weight loss" and "being healthy" are two separate entities to me. One does not automatically tie into the other. Basically, I support the idea that you can be completely fit and in shape, but still be fat, (I should note that I don't consider "fat" to be a bad or negative word in my vocabulary).
15.5.) This is my definition of dieting: If - (1) you're cutting out something crucial like carbs or calories, (2) you're spending more time dissecting your food choices than you are preparing and eating them, (3) you're not enjoying food at all, or (4) you live from meal to meal because you're not getting the proper nutrients from what you're eating - you are dieting. I don't consider how I eat to be dieting but rather, a lifestyle change. With the exception of holidays, celebrations, and special events, this is how I plan on eating for the rest of my life.

16.) I don't speak about religion a lot, mostly because I'm in limbo. I used to consider myself Celtic Pagan, but, lately, I feel disconnected from it. I feel generally most comfortable in nature and Earth-based religions, and am finding myself increasingly more interesting in Native American shamanism and even Buddhism. Basically, I consider myself agnostic, but spiritual and with non-specific faith.

17.) I am diagnosed with and attempting to successfully recovering from the following: severe clinical depression, generalized anxiety disorder, social phobia, emetophobia, agoraphobia with panic disorder, self-injury, and a couple of short-lived bouts with anorexia. All are being treated with medication and therapy. It goes without saying that I support to use of medication and therapy to treat mental illness.

18.) I've engaged in self-harming behavior since about the age of 7, (when I used to scratch and bite myself). I was reformed cutter for about 4 years, but slipped up in December 2006. I also still find myself engaging in behaviors such as scab-picking, lip-peeling, and nail-digging. I'm open about this and it might come up from time to time. I don't post pictures, I only tend to mention it. Currently I'm proud to say that I have not actively self-injured in the form of cutting since my aforementioned slip-up in December 2006. In June 2012, my medications ceased being as effective as I needed them to be and I slipped into a severe depression which led to me becoming suicidal. I devised a plan to end my life, but some part of me determined to live confessed my plans to my husband. He brought me to my doctor, who transferred me to psych emergency. Long story short, I was hospitalized in a psychiatric facility for 3 days where my medication was tweaked and I was reinstated into therapy. I am now on a good combination of medications and I'm doing loads better. I could not be happier about failing my attempt and being alive!

19.) I'm mentioning this a little late in the game, but I have 1 sister, Lindsay, 30, and 1 brother, Joe, 28. I also have a brother-in-law, Chris, 29, who lives in California. Lindsay got married on 2/6/14, so now I have another brother-in-law, Jaime, 25! I have 2 nieces, (Lindsay & Jaime's daughters), named Emery Tegan (2yo), and Kamyla Noemy (she'll be 1yo on 3/26/2014).

20.) This might come off as cocky, but I'm intelligent. I don't waste my time trying to hide this, but I don't brag about it either. I happen to think it shows in some of my more important posts that I actually use my brain. I'd like to think that I'm articulate too, but I might be fooling myself on that one.

21.) I have a tendency speak my mind pretty easily, (sometimes without thinking about the consequences). This sometimes results in me becoming sarcastic or just simply not having a filter when speaking.

22.) I love anime, although I don't mention it much in my LJ. My favorite animes are FullMetal Alchemist, (what most of my icons are of), Bleach, Blood +, Deathnote, FMA: Brotherhood, Kekkiashi, and Ah! My Goddess.

23.) Autumn is my favorite season. 'Nuf said.

24.) I prefer reading to watching television. I love to read! If my TV is on, though, it's often tuned into Cartoon Network. I'm a sucker for cartoons, (probably because I love to laugh).

25.) I'm a nostalgic kind of person and I cherish all my childhood memories. These include the toys, books, movies, TV shows, and music that I grew up with.

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Who cares if I've been on your list for forever haha

[identity profile] 2006-01-19 01:34 pm (UTC)(link)
09) I'd just like to say that while I do feed my pets crap food, it's because my mom thinks it's weird to feed them a raw diet and won't even consider it. If they were soley my pets and I had the income, I'd be doing raw diet. =P

13) I didn't know about your numbers haha

20) Nothing wrong with saying you're intelligent. -^_^-

22) Ah! My Goddess/Megami Sama is fricken amazing. I love it.

23) Autumn is the best.

I should do something like this haha... another thing to add to the list lmao.

Re: Who cares if I've been on your list for forever haha

[identity profile] 2006-01-19 01:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey, there are actual cat foods out there that are super high quality. Even though it's being considered the ideal, you don't have to feed raw to know you're feeding your pets well. I could easily list a few higher quality foods to feed them, but I'm not one to preach unless someone pisses me off about it, lol.

I thought the little fact I put for #13 was cute because it included something about the number 13, lol. Six has always been a lucky number because when we used to do those "pick-a-number" games in grade school to get prizes, every time I picked 6, I won. Thirteen is a favorite of mine because many people are superstitious about it and I've always been a rebel against superstition.

There may be nothing wrong with saying you're intelligent, but you know how some super-sensitive people are. They'll automatically think you're conceited because you paid yourself one compliment!

Steve is totally the Keiichi to my Belldandy. It's his fault that I love Ah! Megami-sama. One day, long ago, we were messing around in LJ and Steve was posting what anime characters reminded him of each of his friends. He said I reminded him of Belldandy and I've been in love with the anime, (and the manga!) ever since. (Random fact: we have a wall scroll in our bedroom of Belldandy and Keiichi surrounded by the ring he gives her.)

Yes. Autumn is the best. No contest.

(I personally think that lists like this are a good idea so that when you add a new person to your LJ, you can point them to the list so they know something about you and the people you talk about!)

Re: Who cares if I've been on your list for forever haha

[identity profile] 2006-01-19 02:25 pm (UTC)(link)
See, Jess gave me a list of good dog foods for Pepper (that aren't raw), but we can only find *dog* foods rather than puppy foods... as for cat foods... Luna's so fricken picky. Seriously... he's the most picky animal I've ever seen, it's crazy. So trying to give him better foods just doesn't work. We do give him wet food at night (a third of a can) and dry during the day (with anti-hairball which works fabulously lol), and the vet said he's an extremely healthy cat (even though he could afford to lose a few pounds, though not too much), but yeah.

I use to have 6 and 13 as favourite numbers because of superstions and such and to be rebellious of sorts too lol... my favourite number is 4, though, and it's like your 6... always won the prizes at school and stuff like that if a number had to be picked. I also like the way it's written (I got it from Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon haha) and I like multiples of 4 as well.

Yeah, I know how the conceited bit goes... I feel self centered by just saying I'm intelligent... it's horrible!

Belldandy is fabulous! So freaking cute! I love her young sister though, but I always forget her name. Either way, she's fricken funny and beautifuls. I use to be obsessed with Ah! Megami Sama pictures because it's some of the best anime (art wise) ever, and their fashion is all cool and stuff (as opposed to some of the dorky outfits characters get put in).

Re: Who cares if I've been on your list for forever haha

[identity profile] 2006-01-19 08:05 pm (UTC)(link)
How old is Pepper? I'm sure that as soon as she's able to eat dog food as opposed to puppy food, it'd be fine to switch her over to a higher quality. As for Luna...well, I relate! Jezebel is picky too. I'm lucky though because she's picky when it comes to lower quality food. When I switched her over to a higher quality, she was all about going over to her bowl and eating herself without me having to carry her to it. Sometimes, with super-picky cats, you have to slowly transition them from one brand of food to the other. Once Luna realizes that the higher quality food tastes better, I'm certain that he'd prefer it to the lower quality stuff. At the very least, it doesn't hurt to try a slow transition!

I won an awesome dolphin poster, (the dolphin's nose was right up against the cam that took the picture), in 6th grade, (imagine that!), by picking the number '6'. I can't remember a time after that when it wasn't a favorite number of mine.

Belldandy's younger sister's name is Skuld, (pronounced, believe it or not, as "schooled"). Her older sister, for the record, is named Urd, (sounds like the 'ord' in "word").