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Note! I'm in the process of trying to taking pictures of all my KH inventory. As soon as all the pictures are resized and edited to better quality I'll be adding them to this entry. Just thought that people who come across this entry would like to know!

Drawing Prints
Always exacting [14/150]
A pattern of not sleeping (11x14)*
Dandelion [59/150]
Honesty and Forgiveness [55/150]
How our hands match [special LJ edition print]
Just to be close to you [8/40]
Moments in Between (11x14)*
Not good night [5/150]
Oakland mall [46/150]
Oceans apart [29/150]
The pop and the flash [34/150]
The realization of things changing [6/150]
Tug [10/150]

Painting Prints
Always 'Member, Never Forget (framed and matted, for sale, asking $310.31 inc. S&H; will also trade for A Lifetime Behind)
At this point in our lives together [88/150]
Enough hurt [79/150]
The green or the sea
The Heart (12x18)*
This Spring is Fall [27/50]

Always in the dark
Always 'Member, Never Forget
Breathed Wishes Blowing
Drawing [#1]
Fullerton, CA [signed]
Jet Lag
Mini-Poster Set [Dreams, Speakeasy, Storybook, Wet]
So Much Greener In The Dark
When Drinks Mix

A dying leaf (changing life) [Art Star, August 2005]

Bubble Paintings
Firefly [Anno Domini Gallery, December 2005]

Leaves [hand-painted]
Air Mail [printed]

Button Sets/Buttons
A Few Favorites [4 buttons]
Always Looking Down...You Miss So Much [4 buttons]
Aminals [4 buttons]
Autumn Leaves and Ghost [from This City...Sigh]
Camera [from Round]
P's and Q's [4 buttons]
Please + Promise... and Forever + Ever <3. [from Valentine Pack]
Redondo Beach [4 buttons]
Snuggling and momentMonument [from Moments tote bag]
Waiting For Someone To Wake Up [2 buttons]

Embroidered scarf for winter
Grass thong
Octopus T-shirt
Skyline Tank

Firefly [messenger]
Moments [tote]
Solo Summer Nights [tote]

14 Bird Envelopes [from Stationery Set]
10 Art Star Cards (trade only; will give away up to 5 of these)
10 Furrends Cards
7 Curl/Met a Boy postcards (trade only; will give away up to 3-5 of these)
6 Neurotic business cards (trade only; will give away up to 2-4 of these)
5 Goodies Stickers [from Goodies Pack; 3 "waves of blankets on an empty bed" & 2 "inside my tummy and inside my head"]
3 Ow [bandaid temp tattoo] (trade only for pins; will give away 1-2 of these)
4 CD Sleeves [from Goodies Pack]
2 Firefly Notepads [from Stationery Set]
2 Heart Notepads [from Stationery Set]
2 Notebook Hearts [temp tattoo]
2 Postcard Sets [6 double-sided postcards per set] (trade only; ask me about which ones I'm willing to give away)
2 Snuggle/Diggity pillowcases
2 Stickers ["I want to get in your pants" & "everytime you spoke, and with every touch, my intentions grew"]
2 Valentine Cards w/envelope [from Valentine Pack]
2 Valentine Stickers [from Valentine Pack]
Bump card [from Goodies Pack]
Handwritten Post-it [mine! all mine.]
Handwritten Post-it [Fresh water for kitties.]
In Flesh and Eye Contact postcard
Single-sided postcards [4 in set]
This Spring is Fall/Some Skin postcard

Total Number of Individual Items Owned: 168 (100/168 bought directly from Kurt)
(most recently updated on: 09/28/2006)
[previously revised on: 08/26/2006]

&underlined text denotes what's been added in most recent update.
&italic bolded text denotes what I'm willing to trade/sell.

*matte, high-res print-out

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If you have questions about anything in my inventory, or are interested in something I have available for sale or trade, feel free to send me an email.


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